Simple Rules

In order to qualify for membership, the rules are simple. One must possess a positive and influential reputation in the world of business. Members are sponsored by three individuals from the Regular, Associate, or Affiliate classes. Next, the Membership Committee discusses the applicants, before giving their final verdict. The Secretary will pass on any recommended individuals from the Membership Committee to the Board of Directors for the ultimate decision.

Membership grants individuals certain rights and privileges. These are outlined in more detail in the limitations provided by the Chamber’s by-laws. As such, a member in the Chamber can vote on all topics in every meeting, vote on elections for officers and promotions, and take part in any pertinent deliberations related to the Chamber. Other rights include: the right to petition with other Chamber members for the calling of special meetings, the right to examine all records and minutes from the meetings and Chamber proceedings, and to receive official reports from the entire Chamber Board. This may include messages from the President, newsletters, journals, bulletins, and online posts. And of course, Members in the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines have the right to participate in any and all events hosted, sponsored, or endorsed by the Chamber.

Membership also comes with certain responsibilities. Again, the duties and obligations of the Chamber’s members are outlined in the by-laws for further reference. Some of the duties include the payment of monthly dues and other financial commitments, compulsory attendance in regular and special meetings where the Board appointed them to committees, and the completion of all assignments handed to the member from the Board of Directors. Of course, members in the Chamber of Mines have the obligation to uphold the interest of the association, as well as any group or business that has the best interest of the mining industry at its core. Members must read, understand, and abide by the by-laws outlined in the rulebooks. And members may also be called upon to produce documentation, records, and minutes of relevant meetings or industry association gatherings. The main obligation, of course, is the representation of the Chamber as a responsible member of society who cares for mines and their impact on society, the environment, and economic progress.

That said, membership is not set in stone for all individuals. It is possible that one be reduced or forced to resign. Loss of membership may come at the hands of the following: expiration of a company’s charter, death of an individual, any action taken that contradicts the efforts of the Chamber, purposeful violation of the by-laws and regulations, or failure to pay dues for the period of three consecutive months. Members may also resign of their own volition. And it is possible that individuals who lost their membership to petition the Board for reinstatement. Petitions for change of membership class are also possible.

Chamber Activities, Events, and Production

The Chamber of Mines of the Philippines takes its responsibility of the advancement of mining quite seriously. Their tag line reads: “Creating wealth, caring for the people and the environment, building communities and reducing poverty.” This is not a simple goal. The reduction of poverty involves many moving parts. The Chamber hopes to raise public appreciation of the mining industry with the hopes that it could be a major player in the Filipino economy. A bigger player than it already is, that means.


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