What is Membership?

Membership in the Mines Chamber in Philippines involves lobbying on behalf of mining interests. There are various advancements the lobbying is meant to tackle. Their advocacy relates to the information presented below.

The establishment of effective grant programs is important for chamber members. This means that successful frameworks are in place for tenements, ECCs, and government required programs be issues grants to supplement their development. The chamber also lobbies on behalf of the financial world, especially related to taxation. Research and development of the mining fields, as mentioned above, comprises a large percentage of the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines’ advocacy.

Concerns for the proper development of society are also critical to the Chamber. These include advocating on behalf of indigenous people, their rights, and their properties. Aside from individuals, the Chamber of Mines also lobbies on behalf of mining regulations for the best interest of the planet. In relation to mining interests, Chamber members also work on securing the rights to mine in particular locations.

Their advocacy also relates to the following aspects: IPO listing, security concerns, value adding, IEC, and dealing with various institutions. These include handling the media, NGO, and of course, government bodies. Aside from lobbying, the Chamber of Mines also puts out information to its members and the general public.

This information relates to mining development and updates in the field. Knowledge is shared via Website and E-mail update, as well as faxing individual members. Regular meetings are also in place, so that members are in constant communication and working towards a common goal. Aside from meeting with each other, the Chamber’s members also attend meetings, conferences, and courses related to the mining industry.

Networking for Mining Development

The Chamber of Mines of the Philippines takes serious efforts to build connections and network across the industry. In line with this, the President of the Chamber holds another important position. They are also a member of the Minerals Development Council at the Office of the President and Chairman, Investment Promotions Group. This establishment of partnerships within the mining community extends from the Chamber of Mine’s President and Executive Board all the way down to its common members.

The Chamber of Mines of the Philippines provides members with all the important networking resources they need in the mining field. This includes a partnership with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Asia Pacific Countries. This comes through the ASEAN Federation of Mining Associations (AFMA). This is perhaps the most important network for miners in all of Asia.

Other networking includes a partnership with PCCI, ECOP, PhilExport, PBSP, CREBA, and the Construction and Electrical Engineering Associations. Connections for members in the Chamber of Mines are also present for the education and religious sectors. This includes the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

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