Advent Of Mining

The advent of mining and the discovery of minerals beneath the planet’s surface has been a critical step in the development of society. In the Philippines, mining continues as an important economic chain. Within the chain, there is an organization known as the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines. The purpose of this writing is to describe what the Chamber of Mines is, what they do, who they help, and what economic benefit they provide.

Who Are They?

In short, the Chamber Mines Philippines council advocates mining within the country. The goal is more exposure of mining and the advancement of the technology and public interest surrounding such excavations in the Philippines. This includes mining, quarrying, and the processing of minerals found. Of course, as an advocacy group, there strict guidelines to protect the environment in place. Other areas of interest are the advancement of economic and social conditions for the Filipino people.

Members of the Chamber of Mines come from all different mineral excavation and processing fields. This includes miners, mineral processing, service industries dealing with the field, and professionals from every walk of life. In order to achieve their goal of mining development, advancement, and permeation, the Chamber works closely with local and national politicians and government offices. The goal is that government take a stronger appeal for mining in the effort of growing the Filipino economy and environment.

Their founding principles are the advancement of the following in their members: Business Leadership, Policy Development, Mining Environmental Management, Information Education Advocacy, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Networking. Each will be explained in some detail below.

Business Leadership

In order to understand the other principles endorsed by the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines, it is important that members have a good business acumen. This means, they should have a grasp on how the business world relates to the mining industry, and how membership in the Chamber advances both. Members should be leaders in the business world, urging organizations to take valuable steps towards the sustainable development of mining. Profits are important, but long term growth is more preferred. As are safe and ethical business practices.

Policy Development

In line with the above, business leaders should also understand how policies affect their trade and expansion. Members should advocate policies that advance the mining industry and allow mines to contribute to important community development. With proper documentation, mines are more than a property, they’re an investment. This enables policy makers to ride the backs of these waves towards growth in every related aspect. In short, government officials need to understand the value that mines bring the country of the Philippine Islands. Policies should support mines, miners, and all related processing and distribution companies.

Mining Environmental Management

In order to develop sustainable mines, concerns for the environment are present. Members of the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines need to understand the global ramifications of these excavation sites. Not only for the purpose of safety. This is also important in order to get the most out of the mines. Proper scientific research and study will allow miners to find minerals and deposits they might have overlooked. Keeping the best possible practices for the health of our planet is a critical avenue for Chamber members. They must also explain these practices to shareholders, policy makers, and executives.

Information Education Advocacy

Without information, there is no education. Without education, mines are as good as useless. In keeping with the trend of sustainable mines, constant development must be placed in the field of sciences related to minerals and their processing. The latest information should be readily applied to mining practices, for the overall best interest of economics, time consummation, and environmental concerns.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Every corporation and executive body has a certain level of transparency with their clients. This is true everywhere, but with mining, the Chamber holds execs to a higher standard. The social responsibility must be understood and striven for. Progress needs to be easily understood, clearly established, and constantly monitored.


Connections to relevant organizations, institutions, associations, and corporations are a vital aspect of the business development mission behind the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines. This includes teaching members how to build bridges that will help advance their careers, but also the field of mining as a whole. The development of any body of work is best measured in unity. This mission starts early with Chamber members.




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