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Still Workin The Mines

When it comes to the ways in which people allocate a lot of the resources that the world has to offer we have to consider the facts that go into mining because mining is definitely one of the main ways that resources are allocated everywhere and I think a lot of people don’t put a lot of emphasis on mining because it kind of seems like something that people did a really long time ago but the truth is that a lot of people still work in mines all over the place and it really is a dark and dirty type of job that a lot of people don’t want to do, and that is why a lot of people who do work in mines these days are protected through unions and things like that and that of course is really important because mining is starting to become a protected and well paid type of job because of all the risks that are at play and of course all the crazy times that miners have died on the job, which of course definitely makes it plausible that they would get paid a good amount to risk their lives like that on a daily basis.

But of course we aren’t here to necessarily be talking about all the risks that go into mining because to be honest it seems rather obvious, but we are here to talk about mining in a more objective way and by doing so we are going to be discussing for the most part all about the different types of mining and how they have changed the field in general over a matter of a few recent years, and I think that we will definitely consider a bunch of things that come along with mining when we think about it on a deeper level but for now we are going to be just talking about the different more popular versions of mining and this will help us better understand mining in general.

So the first type of mining that we are going to be talking about is called hydraulic mining, and this is the type of mining that uses water at high pressure and it is really interesting but it also is kind of a waste of water but I’m sure it kind of works well but probably not as good as some of the other types of mining that we are going to talk about.

Another type of mining that we are going to be talking about is called hard rock mining, and in this type of mining we have to consider people digging into solid rock and into some of the materials of mountains and starting caves and tunnels manually and through dynamite and other shafts of things like that. This is where you see a lot of mining caves deep inside mountains and things of that nature. Of course this is definitely the most popular type of mining that generally happens and there are a bunch of different type of ways in which this type of mining is very dangerous but also very effective, and of course if you have ever been in a mining shaft or tunnel then you probably have seen that they wind deep into mountains and go for what seems like forever and ever, and this is something that a lot of people need to be considerate of because it definitely is something that all of us should be interested in because it is usually deep in these shafts and hard rock mining facilities that gold and other precious metals can be discovered.

And then there is open pit mining, which is exactly what it says it is in that it is an open pit of terraces in which the mining happens.

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